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Angela _Portrait _29_08_2017 CROPThe “Doing Business In Norway” guide is an excellent tool, providing UK companies and businesses with the facts and figures needed to forge ahead with new partnerships between our two countries. Here at the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce we are immensely proud of our historical bilateral bond. Indeed, the NBCC has just celebrated its 111th Anniversary, making it one of the longest-standing Foreign Chambers of Commerce in the UK. This is hardly surprising, given the fact that Norway and the UK have been extremely successful trading partners for over a thousand years.

Norway has this year once again been voted “The Happiest Nation in the World”, and the reasons behind this recognition are multiple. Norway is famed for its innovative thinking, high level of education, work/life balance, breath-taking scenery, modern design and gender equality. Its rich natural resources of oil and gas, fish and renewables make Norway a highly attractive business partner, further enhanced by the nation’s impressive command of the English language on both a personal level and as a business language. Tourism and the service industry continue to grow at an impressive pace, with visitors from all over the globe opting for cruise experiences through the spectacular fjords of Norway and putting the magical Northern Lights near the top of their “must see” list.

The NBCC is 100% committed to helping our members – ranging from multinational companies to corporate members to individual members – to unlock their full business potential. We work actively and continuously with governments and embassies and we host a large number of pertinent business-related events throughout the year both in London and in Aberdeen. Through our governmental and ambassadorial partnerships, we are able to cascade first-hand information down to our members as soon as it becomes available on all Brexit-related matters. The Norwegian EEA model continues to garner great respect from the UK and further afield.

We embrace the opportunity to continue building on our bilateral strengths and to shaping our world for the better.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Warmest wishes,


Angela Balteskard
President of the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce


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