Worldwide Integrated Logistics

“Freight forwarding with a single point of contact”

  • One stop shop handling and execution

  • Core competence of logistics and transportation

  • Integrated operations with supply bases, domestic and international logistic

  • Specialised supervisors within dangerous goods and oversized cargo

  • Wholly owned ship operator with frequent sailing by Norwegian coastline

  • One of the largest domestic owners of trucks and specialised equipment

  • Represented in 170 countries with over 1,200 sites through partners 

SR Group Image 5SR Group is a Norwegian owned company tuned in to the logistics and Supply Chain Management. SR Group is one of the largest private owned Norwegian transporters. As a transporter and a freight forwarder with over 30 years of experience, SR Group knows the need of the customers. SR handles the entire value chain from booking and planning, organisation, transportation, storage, import and export. That is why we proudly state to be “Your partner in logistics”. The overall objective of SR Group is to be the best provider of quality and service.

SR Group is founded in the philosophy of being flexible, fast and knowledgeable. One of the core strengths is the imminent response time, availability of dedicated resources for sporadic customer needs and the 24/7 duty service, available 365 days a year. More, the values of being helpful, honest and proud are embedded in all the employees and in every activity. This has great impact of the perfection in operations with delivery on time and a minimum level of damages or accidents. This is also related to the strong and continuous focus on HSE-Q, in which SR operates with a zero-target vision of deviations.

SR Group image 6The operations of SR is divided in 3 categories; Supply Chain Management, Domestic logistics and International logistics.

With Supply Chain Management, SR rent key personnel to control the customer logistics on-site, and conduct control of all related activities, storage and distribution.

In the category of Domestic logistics, SR handles transportation with wholly owned material by road and independent divisions of Sea cargo. A great network of sub-suppliers is used to facilitate transportation by air and railroad. SR personnel, regardless of the transportation mode chosen, control all operations.

In International logistics, SR has several larger divisions with key personnel to receive, plan, execute and control all the activities of international freight by sea, air and road. Additional expert personnel handle all the related activities to customs service. With IATA certificate, SR may execute transportation directly with most major airline operators. At the same time, SR has access to an extensive network of partnerships with companies of great international reach, which enables SR to provide door-to-door shipments to most global destinations.
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